Lifetime warranty

The warranty covers damage or breakage due to manufacturing faults or defects or faults in the materials, whenever the product has been used in accordance with the instructions of use provided.

Damages caused by misuse of the product, impacts, incorrect use, lack of maintenance or use of accessories that are counterindicated or not recommended in the book of instructions. There is a limit to the surface temperature on the enamelled pieces that must never exceed 400ºC.

The territorial scope of this guarantee is circumscribed to the countries where Industrias Hergóm S.L., asubsidiary company or an importer distribute the products and in which the E.C. regulation 593/2008 is in force within the European Economic Area.

This guarantee does not affect consumer rights in accordance with that set forth in the law 1/2007 on Guarantees on the Sale of Consumer Goods.

Hearthstone Cookware’s cast iron products are produced and inspected in accordance with the strictest quality standards. Hearthstone Cookware guarantees its cast iron products for life for household users, with proof of purchase necessary.

Scope of the warranty

The warranty includes all the defects in functioning, manufacturing and materials in the Hearthstone Cookware household products (excluding additional pieces), for normal household use.

Warranty process

Hearthstone Cookware will inspect the product that is the object of the customer’s claim and will decide at its own discretion whether it is covered by the HearthStone Cookware warranty. If the product that is the object of the claim is covered by the HearthStone Cookware warranty conditions, this product will be repaired by the HearthStone Cookware customer services; the faulty pieces will be replaced or the product that is the object of the claim will be replaced by an identical product. If the product that is the object of the claim is no longer available in the HearthStone Cookware product range, HearthStone Cookware will offer the customer an equivalent product. Any cost derived from a justified warranty claim will be assumed by HearthStone Cookware.

Scope of the application of the warranty

The scope of the application of the HearthStone Cookware warranty is limited to the original purchaser of products purchased in the USA or Europe. The HearthStone Cookware warranty is not applied to products sold as seconds, products with faults or products with important discounts. Any questions referring to the HearthStone Cookware warranty should be addressed to:

Exclusions to the warranty

During the warranty period, the following damages are not covered:

• Unsuitable handling of the product
• Normal wear and tear of the product
• Disregard of the product’s care instructions
• Decolouring of the product due to cleaning in the dishwasher
• Damage to the product due to impacts or accidents
• Incidental damage to other products or users
• Unsuitable storage of the product

In Europe:
Industrias Hergóm S.A.
39110 Soto de la Marina
Santander, Spain
+34 942 587 000

In the USA:
HearthStone cookware
317 Stafford Ave
Morrisville, VT, USA
+1 (877) 877-2113