The influencer Paola Freire has become a great fan of the Hearthstone Cookware products and this time, she is surprising us with a delicious recipe for Roast Beef in cocotte with its gravy and potatoes and carrots on her instagram channel @foodropia. A dish which, the influencer herself warns us, needs great care to obtain the perfect cooking of the meat.

Cook this dish with her that will be the star of your holiday meals.

For this recipe you are going to need:

Ingredientes para la recera: Recipe for Roast Beef in cocotte by @foodtropia
Ingredients Quantity
Prime rib beef 1.5 kg piece
Small carrots 6
Onion 1
Leek 1
Cloves of garlic, crushed with skin 2
Chicken or meat stock 500 ml
Red wine 100 ml
Portion of baby potatoes garnish
Leaf 1 bay
Extra virgin olive oil


  1. Season the meat with salt and pepper.
  2. In the 24 cm Diamond cocotte, put enough extra virgin olive oil to cover the entire bottom.
  3. Seal the meat on all its sides and put it to one side.
  4. In the same 24 cm cocotte, cook the vegetables for the gravy: cut the onion and leek into julienne strips and peel the carrots.
  5. When they are nearly cooked, add the cloves of garlic, a bay leaf and a little salt and pepper.
  6. When the vegetables are golden brown, put the meat back into the 24 cm Diamond cocotte and take it to the oven.
  7. The roasting time will depend on the size of the piece of meat. With the piece selected for this recipe, we should keep the 24 cm Diamond cocotte in the oven for around 45 minutes at 180ºC.
  8. While the meat is in the oven, we can cook the baby potatoes that will be part of the garnish.
  9. Once cooked, cover them with a little salt and olive oil and put them in the oven to roast their skins. Around 20 minutes at 200ºC with the fan on will be enough.
  10. Remove the 24cm Diamond cocotte from the oven and let it stand a while.
  11. Reomove the meat and start cooking the gravy.
  12. First, put the red wine in the 24cm Diamond cocotte and cook it until the alcohol evaporates.
  13. Add the stock and cover so that the gravy cooks over a low heat for around 20 minutes.
  14. Remove the carrots, the cloves of garlic and the bay leaf from the gravy.
  15. Blend the gravy in a hand blender and sieve it until it is smooth. Now add the spoonful of mustard.
  16. Add salt and pepper to taste .
  17. Carve the meat into thin slices and serve with the baby potatoes and carrots. Cover with the gravy.