An exquisite taste of the sea that you can cook in your Hearthstone Cookware.

Accompany us in the kitchen today to prepare a delicious hake and red shrimp stew with your Diamond cocotte.

This recipe has a medium level of difficulty and will only take you 40 minutes to prepare.

Here is the list of ingredients you will need for four people:

Ingredientes para la recera: Recipe for hake and red shrimp stew cooked with your Diamond cocotte
Ingredients Quantity
Hake loins 400 gr.
Cloves of garlic 2
Leek 1
Ripe tomatoes 4
Red pepper 1
Red shrimps 12
Hake and prawn stock
Extra virgin olive oil
Chives 1 pinch


The shrimps may be replaced by prawns or king prawns.


  1. Finely chop the leek, green pepper and the garlic.
  2. Peel, remove the seeds from the tomatoes and dice (put to one side).
  3. Put the Diamond cocotte on the hob at a medium heat until it warms up.
  4. Add oil and sauté the leek, red pepper and garlic over a medium heat.
  5. When the vegetables start to brown, add the paprika and then the tomato.
  6. Wet with the stock, adding the almonds, hake and finally the red shrimps.
  7. Add salt.
  8. Cover and cook for five minutes.
  9. End by adding the chopped chives.