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Cast iron cocotte 24 cm Diamond - White

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lifetime warranty

Technical information

For 2/4 diners
Capacity: 3.3L
Diameter (base): 24cm
Weight (body): 3.4kg
Weight (lid): 1.4 kg
Overall weight: 4.8kg


Cast iron body, diamond textured with white vitrified enamel finish.

Interior in black satin enamel, perfect for browning food, extremely durable, washable and resistant to fading.

It is not necessary to treat the surface.

Condensation distribution points, located inside the lid. They water the food with their own juice, for a juicy and flavorful result.

Wide and robust handles, for safe handling.

Hollow stainless steel knob, which stays at a cooler temperature during countertop cooking.

The enamel base works on any heating surface: ceramic, induction, electric, gas, radiant, or direct fire.

Suitable for use in the oven at temperatures up to 400º C

With a lifetime guarantee.

Cast iron cocotte 24 cm in diameter, with a geometric texture enhanced with a gloss white enamel finish on the outside, and satin black enamel on the inside. Perfect for preparing recipes for roasts, soups and creams, stews, stews or even for baking bread.