• Cast iron

    Sturdy manufacturing in cast iron with very thick sides, guarantee a solid construction and great heat conduction and retention capacity.

    Slow, uniform heat, throughout the body of our HearthStone Cookware.

    Perfect for simmering stews and roasts: soups, sauces, pastries…. The iron transmits extraordinarily high temperatures, therefore it is also perfect for frying and oven baking.


  • The lids

    The thick, cast iron lids retain the juices that evaporate when cooking inside the pans. The inside of the lid is covered with condensation distribution spots that drip down onto the food, basting it in its own juice for a perfectly cooked dish, full of flavour.

  • Open but closed

    The patented Helix Dripless Lid will change the idea of leaving a pan half-open for ever more: with just a turn of the lid, the pan is left half-open, letting some of the steam and the temperature out. Complete control over the cooking, without any dripping onto the hob.

    Products using the Helix Dripless Lid
  • Finished in enamel

    All the HearthStone Cookware cocottes and frying pans have a ceramic enamel finish.

    Ceramic enamel is a great heat conductor, and it guarantees exceptional protectionagainst rusting for the cast iron.

    The inside, enamelled in glossy black, is a perfect surface for browning or frying and it prevents the foods from absorbing any metallic flavour.

    The surface is non-stick and easy to clean. No special cleaning techniques are required, or any treatment of the surface after each use.

  • On all surfaces

    You will be able to cook with your Hearthstone Cookware on all cooking surfaces.

    Our cocotte and frying pans work equally well on cookers run on gas, electricity, ceramic hobs, induction, radiant ring or open fire.

    You may also use them in the oven at temperatures of up to 400ºC.

    Hearthstone Cookware
  • Lifetime warranty

    Cast iron is a long-lasting material and at HearthStone Cookware we manufacture cocottes and frying pans using the strictest quality standards.

    With the right care, the HearthStone Cookware cocottes and frying pans will retain their beauty and usefulness, to be passed down from through the generations.

    For this reason we offer a lifetime warranty for our products.