HearthStone Cookware belongs to the Hergóm Group, a company originating in Spain, which has over 60 years of experience in iron casting and enamelling. With a long tradition in manufacturing cast iron stoves and burners, products where heat transmission plays an essential role, HeathStone Cookware is a natural, coherent extension in line with the company’s origins.

The HearthStone Cookware range of products was designed at Hergóm’s subsidiary in Vermont, USA, where the tradition in iron cooking utensils has always been kept alive. The HearthStone pots and frying pans are completely manufactured at Hergóm’s installations in Soto de la Marina (Cantabria), where the casting and enamelling process is carried out, piece by piece, with highly experienced specialised workers who give our products a high quality, artisanal finish.

With the launch of this new line of cooking products, HearthStone Cookware intends to contribute with quality products, innovating in design and services, to a rising global trend: healthy, traditional cooking.


Cast iron is the perfect heat conductor for cooking. The heat is distributed uniformly over the entire cooking surface. Cast iron is a material that stores the heat, retaining it for cooking the food uniformly and keeping it hot until it is served. It is the perfect option for frying, roasting or browning.

The advantages of our cocottes