With their characteristic faceted texture, the products from the Diamond series have a distinctive, original and daring finish. The regular cocotte with a special, unique touch.

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  • Diamond texture with a glazed enamel finish, in bright colours or a discreet glossy black.
  • The glossy black enamel inside is perfect for browning food, extremely hard-wearing and does not lose its colour. The surface does not need any treatment.
  • The condensation distribution spots on the inside of the lid baste the food in its own juice, for a tender, flavourful result.
  • Wide, sturdy handles for safe handling.
  • A hollow stainless steel lid handle, which remains at a lower temperature during cooking.
  • Enamelled base suitable for any cooking surface: ceramic hob, induction, electric, gas, radiant ring or an open fire.
  • Suitable for use in the oven at temperatures of up to 400ºC/750ºF.
  • Made in Spain.


Cast iron is a perfect heat conductor for cooking. The heat is distributed uniformly all over the cooking surface. Cast iron is a material that stores heat, retaining it to cook the food uniformly and keeping it hot until served. It is the perfect option for frying, roasting or browning.

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