I am sure that at one time or other you have asked yourself: what are the spots under the lids for?

We incorporate this special charcteristic called condensation distribution spots to Hearthstone Cookware cocottes and frying pans.

This raised area ensures that not a single drop of juice is lost in our cooking and consequently, our preparations are much juicier, as it encourages the food to baste itself with its own juice, for a spectacular result, full of flavour.

And how do these condensation distribution spots work, you are asking yourself, aren’t you?

It is a simple mechanism, with a spectacular result. The steam reaches the lid and due to the difference in temperature compared to the food being cooked, it turns back into liquid that becomes concentrated at these points, to then fall back into the cocotte or frying pan.

In fact, if we interrupt this process and open our cocotte or frying pan while it is cooking, we will see how the liquid quickly pours back into our preparation.

The result: tender, juicy dishes with much fewer calories, as this characteristic means we need to use much less oil.

You know, if you want to cook healthy and delicious dishes, use a lid.