Tarta invertida de naranja en tu sartén Diamond

Orange Upside Down Cake in your Diamond Skillet

The molten iron It is the ideal material for making sweets such as inverted fruit tarts. The intensity of heat transfer helps to cook all the elements of this elaboration in a homogeneous and, especially, to caramelize the fruits.

For this reason, we share with you a recipe so that you can begin to take advantage of the sweetest of your skillet O baja casserole.

For this preparation you will need:

Ingredientes tarta invertida


  1. In our Diamond saucepan We will make a syrup that will be used as a cover for our inverted cake. The first step will be to incorporate the water and the white sugar so that it takes temperature, dissolves and acquires a light toasted color.

  2. Once the syrup is prepared, introduce the sliced oranges without removing the skin.

  3. Maintain a medium and constant temperature until the caramel forms.

  4. In a bowl, mix the eggs with the brown sugar. It will be necessary to beat vigorously to achieve a slightly foamy result.

  5. Add the butter, flour, milk and yeast.

  6. It is time to introduce the string in our skillet O baja casserole. As it is an inverted cake, first put the caramel and arrange the orange slices on the entire base and sides of the utensil that we use as a mold.

  7. Then, add the elements that we had mixed in a bowl for the cake.

  8. Finally, bake at 180º with heat up and down. Check the state of preparation and, if necessary, keep it a few more minutes to finish cooking only with the heat down.

  9. Finally, let cool to room temperature and turn the cake over.

TIP: To work the butter properly, it is best that it is at room temperature. For this reason, it will be necessary that, at least two hours before starting to cook it, we take it out of the fridge.