Receta de Mojo canario guisado en cazo Diamond

Canarian mojo recipe stewed in a Diamond saucepan

There are certain sauces that require slow cooking, made with care and over low heat.

Today we propose to prepare a canary red mojo stewed in our Diamond saucepan, which will be the ideal complement for boiled potatoes and grilled meats.

Is traditional sauce from the Canary Islands, which is made with a base of oil, vinegar and garlic, is a fundamental hallmark of its gastronomy. 

They are popularly divided into red and green mojo sauces, mild or spicy: Green mojo sauces are usually served with mild fish and shellfish. While the red ones, like the one we bring you, accompany other foods with a more intense flavor: all kinds of meats, offal, sardines... But, without a doubt, the main and indispensable companion of the mojos is the potato. canary wrinkled

For this preparation you will need:


1. We start by heating a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil over low heat in our Diamond saucepan.

2. Meanwhile, we peel the garlic and we core them so that they do not add bitterness to our mojo.

3. Finely chop the garlic and put it in the oil over low heat so that the latter acquires the flavor and aroma of the vegetable.

4. Next, chop the piece of pepper and add it to the oil.

5. When the pepper is tender, add the paprika and vinegar.

6. Let cook briefly and then add the breadcrumbs and a little coarse salt.

7. Finally, we will remove the sauce to a blender glass and grind until it acquires a fine texture and, later, we will correct the salt point and we will have our stewed mojo ready.

RECOMMENDATION OF USE: Do not put metallic elements in the saucepan. To crush the sauce it is essential to do it in the blender glass.