Receta de guiso irlandés a la cerveza negra con tu cocotte Pearl

Irish black beer stew recipe with your cocotte Pearl

Irish stew recipe. Irish stew is one of the most authentic flavors of this fantastic country. In this recipe we teach you how to make this famous stew with dark beer in one of our cocottes.

We make with our cocotte Pearl the recipe for the traditional beer stew with a spectacular result and we will do it over a low heat, although you can also try making it in the oven, which is the traditional way.

This recipe has a medium difficulty and will take you 2 hours. With this irish stew recipe you will eat healthy and well.

Prepare the ingredients you will need:

The specified quantities correspond approximately to 4 servings.


  1. We melt a generous amount of butter in our Pearl iron pot to simmer.

  2. Meanwhile, flour the pieces of meat and brown them with two bay leaves and a few grains of black pepper.

  3.  Prepare the vegetables: sliced carrots, julienned onion and whole garlic.

  4.  Add the vegetables to the meat and, after giving it a few turns, add the beer, raising the heat to the maximum.

  5.  We wait for the alcohol to evaporate and reduce the sauce to incorporate the crushed tomato. We cook until it also reduces.

  6.  Cover the stew with the meat or poultry broth and add the aromatic herbs.

  7.  Reduce the heat and let the stew cook with the lid half open, thanks to the sistema Helix, at least 1 hour. So, we'll see if the meat is tender.

  8.  If so, we will crack the two potatoes to add them to the stew along with the peas.

  9.  Once the potatoes are cooked, we will rectify the point of salt and let it rest until serving it on the plate, which we will decorate with a little chopped parsley.