Receta de Cinnamon Rolls en tu sartén Diamond de 24 cms

Cinnamon Rolls recipe in your 24 cm Diamond pan

We love the sweet and more if it is made in one of the cocottes or pans of Hearthstone Cookware.

We traveled to the United States to cover the exquisite recipe of sweet congratulations of the traditional Cinnamon Rolls or cinnamon rolls.

For this recipe you will need:


  1. Heat the milk in a bowl and dissolve yeast in it.

  2. Add the sugar and butter and mix well with a whisk. It is advisable that the butter is very soft to facilitate this step.

  3. Little by little we are incorporating the flour and also the salt.

  4. Knead the mixture very well and form a ball with it that we will cover and let rest for half an hour at room temperature.

  5. We flour a surface to facilitate the stretching of the dough with which we will make a rectangle.

  6. We preheat the oven to 220º.

  7. Mix the brown sugar and cinnamon together and spread over the dough.

  8. Roll up the dough and cut into rolls about two fingers thick.

  9. We place the rolls in our 24cm Diamond frying pan and brush with beaten egg.

  10. Bake for about 10 minutes at 220º or until golden brown.

  11. Let cool on a rack to pour the glaze over them.

  12. We will prepare the glaze by heating the icing sugar little by little and adding water. It is about leaving a not very liquid paste, just enough to be able to pour it over the roll.

  13. Lastly, we put the frosting on our cinnamon rolls and we can put it back on our 24cm Diamond frying pan.