Receta de champiñones rellenos con langostinos en sartén Diamond

Recipe of mushrooms stuffed with prawns in Diamond pan

A dish with closely linked flavors and, all of this, thanks to the oven effect of the cast iron that is produced when cooking with the lid closed in our Diamond 26 cm frying pan. Undoubtedly, a special tapa because it also gives this elaboration a very special juiciness thanks to the points of condensate distribution.

It is a simple recipe that, without a doubt, you will repeat on many occasions.

For this preparation you will need the following ingredients.



  1. Place the frying pan on the plate over medium heat so that it comes to temperature.

  2. Remove the mushroom feet carefully and chop them.

  3. Chop the garlic and the ham and mix with the mushroom foot.

  4. Fill the mushrooms with this mixture until they overflow generously.

  5. Put a little oil in the pan and place the mushrooms if they touch. If there is any leftover stuffing, we can incorporate it over them at this point.

  6. Lower the heat and cook for about 10 minutes with the lid of our pan closed.

  7. Add the prawns without removing the head but with the peeled and clean tail.

  8. Add the cherry tomatoes cut in half and let cook for 5 more minutes. Always with the lid on.

  9. Finally, add the spinach, spraying it with a splash of oil and put the lid back on.

  10. We will raise the fire and let cook 5 more minutes to finish our preparation that we can present in the same pan.

RECOMMENDATION OF USE: Do not insert metal objects into the pan. It is recommended to use wooden utensils.