Receta de cazuela de rape con marisco en cocotte baja Diamond by @cherenayuso

Monkfish casserole recipe with seafood in cocotte Baja Diamond by @cherenayuso

We immerse ourselves in the flavors of the sea with a new recipe from the instagramer @cherenayuso and we have prepared a tasty monkfish casserole with seafood in our baja Diamond cocotte.

It is a simple recipe with which you will surprise your most demanding diners.

For this preparation you will need the following ingredients.



  1. We heat oil in the baja Diamond cocotte.

  2. Finely chop the garlic and add it to the cocotte.

  3. When the garlic has taken on some color, we will include the chopped onion.

  4. Finally, if we want a spicy touch, we will put a dry chilli pepper.

  5. When we begin to have the poached onion, we mark the monkfish in the cocotte and reserve it.

  6. Next, add 1 tablespoon of flour and cook until toasted.

  7. Add the white wine and wait for the alcohol to evaporate.

  8. Then we will add the fish broth to the preparation.

  9. We remove the preparation to a blender glass to proceed to crush it with a little chopped parsley.

  10. We return to put the sauce already crushed in the cocotte and add the clams that we will be removing to a plate as they open.

  11. Add the monkfish and cook with the cocotte lid on for a minute on each side.

  12. Add the clams, the prawns and the boiled egg cut into quarters. 

  13. We cover the cocotte again and turn off the heat so that the elements of this preparation finish cooking with the residual heat.

RECOMMENDATION OF USE: Do not insert metal objects into the cocotte. To crush sauces, it is recommended to remove the preparation to another glass where we can proceed to carry out this step with the blender until the desired texture is achieved.