Receta de caldereta de merluza y camarones rojos con tu cocotte Diamond

Hake and red shrimp stew recipe with your Diamond cocotte

An exquisite sea food is what you can cook in your Hearthstone Cookware.

Join us in the kitchen today to make a delicious hake and red shrimp stew with your Diamond casserole dish.

This recipe has a medium difficulty and will only take about 40 minutes to prepare.

Here is the list of ingredients you will need for four people:


Shrimp can be replaced by prawns, prawns or king prawns.


  1. Finely chop the leek, green pepper and garlic.

  2. Peel, remove the seeds from the tomatoes and cut into cubes (reserve).

  3. place your Diamond casserole dish in the fire or plate and leave over medium heat until it takes temperature.

  4. Add oil and sauté the leek, red pepper and garlic over medium heat.

  5. When the vegetables begin to colour, add the paprika and then the tomato.

  6. Moisten with the broth adding the almonds, the hake and, finally, the red shrimp.

  7. Add salt.

  8. Cover and cook five minutes.

  9. Finish by adding chopped chives.