Receta de arroz negro meloso con chipirones con tu sartén de hierro fundido Diamond by @Foodtropia

Creamy black rice with squid recipe with your Diamond cast iron skillet by @Foodtropia

The influencer Paola Freire, through her channel @Foodtropia, surprises us with a recipe for creamy black rice with baby squid made in our cast-iron skillet from the  Serie Diamond. A very seafood recipe with a pleasant texture and a delicious and intense flavor of the sea, perfect for summer lunches and dinners.

Thanks to the elaboration in our cast iron skillet You will see how the result is exquisite, since the cooking of the rice will be uniform and it will be at its point when you take it to the table.

This recipe has a medium difficulty.

Prepare the ingredients you will need:

The specified quantities correspond approximately to 4 servings.


  1. We start by making a sauce with plenty of oil that covers the bottom of our pan and, when it is hot, poach the shallot well chopped.

  2. When the shallot begins to take on a little color, add the garlic and brown it.

  3. Next we add the green pepper that we will have cut into small pieces previously.

  4. And when the pepper has been fried, add the grated tomato and cook until the water in the tomato has evaporated.

  5. Add the white wine and let it reduce the alcohol.

  6. Add the baby squid and the bay leaf and, after cooking them a bit, add the squid ink.

  7. It is time to add the rice that we will cook stirring it constantly so that it releases the starch and is sweet.

  8. When the rice is slightly cooked, add the broth. It is important that the broth is also hot so that we do not stop the cooking of the rice.

  9. We will continue stirring and mixing well until the grain has grown and is at its point.

  10. At the end we will correct the salt point.

If you want to see the preparation of the recipe step by step, you can follow it in the following video. We hope you enjoy your rice!