Guiso tradicional de garbanzos con bacalao en cocotte Diamond

Traditional chickpea stew with cod in Diamond cocotte

Holy Week arrives and, to the holidays, tradition is added. For this reason, today in our blog we share one of the most common dishes of these dates that, without a doubt, will be delicious in your Unconditional cocotte.

Ready to cook a chickpea stew with cod?

For this preparation you will need:


  1. Soak the chickpeas in hot water the day before.

  2. We fry the slice of bread. We will use this fried bread to make a mash in the mortar together with the toasted hazelnuts. It is necessary that the two elements are well crushed, so we recommend letting the bread cool down a bit before making it and remove the excess fat with absorbent paper.

  3. Peel the garlic and onion and proceed to chop them to make a sauce that we will reserve.

  4. Meanwhile, we begin to warm up our Diamond casserole dish with a little extra virgin olive oil. When it is ready, add the fresh cod cut into pieces and the white wine. We will have to cook these elements until the fish is tender.

  5. Next, we add the chickpeas, the fried onion and garlic and the mashed bread and hazelnuts.

  6. Add the parsley and a few strands of saffron and cook over medium heat with the lid on until the chickpeas are tender.

  7. When the stew is ready, we will taste it and correct the salt level, if necessary.

And so, we now have a delicious and traditional Easter dish that, as is customary, is served piping hot, so the preparation in our Unconditional cocotte It is ideal because it perfectly maintains the temperature of the food.


TIP: If we opt for salted cod instead of fresh, we must desalt it very well before starting to cook it.

To desalt the cod, we must first remove the layer of salt that it usually has by washing each of the pieces under a stream of cold water. Arrange the pieces of cod skin side up in an airtight container, cover with water and keep in the fridge.

Depending on the size of the pieces of cod, they will take more or less to desalt. We estimate that a medium-sized piece will take about two days, in which we will have to change the water every 6 or 8 hours.