Todos empezamos a comer por los ojos

We all start eating by the eyes

They are coming. It's not that they're close, it's that we're already sitting at the table. It is time to taste everything that has been prepared with love and care for Christmas dinner. All the tables with the best crockery, or well, perhaps we have opted for disposable plates and trays to save ourselves from washing up and focus on the after-dinner meal.

There is nothing wrong with it, but, among other things, that is not very sustainable and also, should we not discredit that very fresh (and very expensive) seafood, freshly made broth, or that sirloin steak that has just come out of the oven and served on a plate? that is not up to par?


Good design has to be functional, but that doesn't mean it has to stop being aesthetic. The first impressions are those that derive in a second step. In herding the plate, specifically. Without that, someone may be left without trying that beef stew that has cost us so much work.


The redesign of the traditional

For the taste of our kitchen, we value the traditional. But also, now we can update it and adapt it to the new aesthetic trends, it is not necessary to continue being so rococo. Old porcelain tableware is not worn so much anymore. 

Even those who are most faithful to listening to music on vinyl records have a gramophone at home with a touch screen, bluetooth and laser reader. The usual, like never before. We must adapt to the advantages of what a good design can bring to more traditional actions, and we do not necessarily lose the essence in the process.

enameled cast iron

At Hearthstone Cookware, we believe in the aesthetic importance of a functional product. All cocottes and pans They have a ceramic enamel finish, which in addition to having its advantages to achieve the most intense flavors in our kitchen, allow us to add color and a design that is as minimalist as it is elegant in all our products.

This allows us to be able to serve the dish in the same container in which it was cooked, not to lose juices or odors when it is transferred to a more suitable source and, as if that were not enough, one less thing that we will have to clean up afterwards.

ceramic glaze it is a great conductor of heat, and guarantees exceptional protection of cast iron against rust or corrosion. The interior, enamelled in satin black; It is a perfect surface for browning or frying, and prevents food from absorbing any metallic taste.