¿Por qué esmaltamos nuestras cocottes?

Why do we glaze our cocottes?

In Hearthstone Cookware we already told you that each piece is unique.

But, do you know why we believe that enameled cocottes are better?

All cast iron pots and pans should have some protective finish to prevent rust and the deterioration that liquids and acids cause on the surface of the cast iron.

Many commercially available cast iron pots and pans are finished with an oil cure treatment, which prevents rust and works as a non-stick coating. This treatment must be carried out after each use, and rust will appear if it is not carried out. This implies that cocottes and pans that depend on this treatment require constant care by the user.

The advantages of enameled iron

In Hearthstone Cookware We bet on the vitrified enamel finish: a ceramic layer adhered to cast iron at high temperatures. This creates a non-porous protective layer that protects the iron from the cocotte or pan.

This provides great advantages in terms of quality, comfort and aesthetic appeal: enamel is a great conductor of heat, washes easily, and does not rust. It acts as a protective barrier between the iron and the food: it prevents the transfer of any metallic taste to the food, and in turn of the smells or flavors of the food to the cocotte. In it you can cook all kinds of recipes, preserving all the aromas and nutritional values of the food.

In addition, the enamel is available in a variety of colors, to give the pots an attractive exterior aesthetic. Inside, HearthStone Cookware Cocottes use a durable, non-stick, black satin enamel that offers excellent cooking surface performance.


Safe and toxic free

Each of our pieces is exclusive and manufactured under the highest quality standards. The ceramic enamel applied to our range of cocottes and iron pans complies with the strict regulations relating to this type of coating.

In Hearthstone Cookware We apply European Directives 10/2011/EC and 85/500/EC, checking that metal migrations do not occur in the cooked product. We also carry out sensory tests on food cooked in our cocottes and frying pans. All these tests are carried out by independent and certified laboratories in Germany and France.

We do not use chemicals to create a non-stick surface. The enamel, along with the oil used in cooking, is what prevents food from sticking.

If you want to use a piece of cast iron with a ceramic enamel for cooking, we have the best solution. We invite you to discover our 2 ranges: Diamond Y Pearl.