Utensilios de hierro fundido

Why cast iron?

The ideal gift for those who always give away.


There are many types of gifts, and although they are more abundant at Christmas, they are not always made on these dates. There is an option to hit the gift to those people who are constantly giving us, not only objects, but, above all, moments.

It is the opportunity to thank all those meals, family gatherings, celebrations and more to those hosts who, in addition to contributing their house to the cause, usually also take care of most of the work in the kitchen.

On these Christmas dates it is common to celebrate special days in the homes of others, family members and/or friends, and hopefully it will be like this for a long time. We want people to continue cooking their best recipes, and for this, it is always better to use the right material in the kitchen.

Bringing a good dessert to these celebrations is a nice touch. But contributing to the cause with a cocotte or cast iron skillet will make cooking easier for the host each and every time.


Why cast iron?

Thanks to knowledge of industry and manufacturing processes, we have the utensils to take your kitchen to the next level. With cast iron cocottes, skillets and frying pans, we offer you a new experience in the kitchen.

Our products have a lifetime guarantee, they provide perfect heat transmission across the entire surface, they save energy in those slow-cooked recipes, and they will take care of and enhance the flavor of the ingredients to the maximum.

you can cook about any kitchen surface, be it induction, ceramic hob, gas or electric stove, wood fire and ovens, and its care will not be your main concern.

The productos Hearthstone Cookware they will become the best ally of any cook, whether amateur, experienced or professional, and they will ensure that we do not lose our desire to delight our guests with the best culinary experiences: those cooked by oneself.


Who said that a pan or casserole should not be put in the dishwasher?

Although it is true that it is not recommended to use excessively abrasive products such as metal scourers, we assure you that with regular care your interior enamel will remain as the first day and you will have cocottes and pans for many years. And of course, let it cool down after use and you can easily put it in the dishwasher.


If chefs like Jesus Sanchez recommend it, Why not?

At Hearthstone Cookware we want you to focus on what is important in the kitchen, and that is cooking. Reaching a delicious result, with the most faithful and traditional flavors, we offer lifelong utensils with the added value of innovation, going through a sober, elegant design, but, above all, functional.

Cooking healthy is fine, but doing it in a comfortable and effective way is another level. And it doesn't have to be something reserved for industry professionals.