Los mejores chefs eligen las cocottes y sartenes Pearl

The best chefs choose Pearl cocottes and pans

October 20 is a marked day on the calendar because International Chef's Day is celebrated. An event in which we reveal to you which cocottes and frying pans are most in demand by professionals.

They, without a doubt, choose the cocottes and pans from the Serie Pearl from Hearthstone Cookware, as they are expressly designed for the everyday kitchen.

Among its most revolutionary features is the patented Helix Dripless Lid system, designed for better control of the cooking process, which is achieved thanks to a lid that allows steam to be released, preventing condensation from dripping onto the worktop. This system thus provides extra cleanliness in cooking.

in product design Pearl curved lines prevail and both cocottes and frying pans have handles on their edges that also serve as support for the lid. These handles are also wide and robust, for safe handling of our frying pan or cocotte.

the cap of the serie Pearl, as a distinctive aesthetic, is presented in bright enamel in different colors. Inside, in addition to the Helix system, it incorporates a series of condensation distribution points that favor the watering of food with its own juice, for a spectacular result full of flavor. Added to these characteristics is its stainless steel handle that is kept at a colder temperature during cooking on the countertop.

The interior of these cocottes and pans is presented in satin black enamel. Characteristic that makes it perfect for browning food, extremely durable, washable and resistant to fading. In addition, it is not necessary to treat the surface.

The enameled base of the Pearl series cocottes and pans works on any heating surface, as well as for use in the oven or temperatures up to 400ºC.

You know, if you want to cook like a chef, the cocottes and pans from the Serie Pearl they are the perfect choice.