Jesús Sánchez apuesta por nuestros utensilios de hierro fundido

Jesús Sánchez bets on our cast iron utensils


In Hearthstone Cookware We are happy to announce this new alliance with the most successful chef in the region, which we hope will be the first of many, with which to continue rediscovering traditional cast iron cooking.

Two Cantabrian marks united with a triple objective: promote healthy eating, commit to sustainability in cookinga (as slow cooking considerably reduces energy consumption) Y, of course, give visibility to everything "made in Cantabria".

Through this agreement, in the kitchen of the Amos Gazebo there will be no lack casseroles Y skillets (Galicism used in the world of gastronomy to refer to cast iron pots and pans) from Hearthstone Cookware.

In addition, the collaboration also contemplates the performance of the 3 Michelin star chef as brand ambassador, by spreading easy video recipes, devised adhoc by Jesus Sanchez in the profiles of both brands on social networks, as well as personalized shipments in gift boxor personalities friends of the famous chef.

“Since the launch of the brand in 2020, the support of Jesús has been essential. Now we want to go further, because we have many points in common: in addition to Cantabria, the commitment to sustainability and healthy cooking are indisputable links between both brands” says Germán Solórzano, director of marketing de Hearthstone Cookware.

Innovation and tradition 

And it is that a large part of the rise of haute cuisine goes through a constant mix of innovation and tradition, both in culinary techniques and processes, as well as in the utensils and raw materials present in the kitchens of the best chefs.

And the casseroles, those heavy cast iron pots that our grandmothers used, are a good example of this, because more and more chefs are incorporating them into their restaurants.

"These pots and pans combine the purity of the materials and their efficiency, with the beauty of the design for a unique culinary experience. A local product, manufactured in Cantabria to conquer all cuisine lovers in the world" highlights Jesus Sanchez.