En Hearthstone Cookware cada pieza es única

At Hearthstone Cookware each piece is unique

Discover how with our manufacturing system we create our exclusive cocottes and frying pans.


In Hearthstone Cookware each piece is unique. In fact, each piece of cast iron is made in an individual sand mold, and then we finish the product with a series of manual processes, such as enamelling.

This is the reason that there may be slight variations in two products with the same characteristics and, precisely, this uniqueness is what gives it personality. Hearthstone Cookware.

Each one of our pieces is exclusive and manufactured under the highest quality standards that guarantee maximum safety and are free of toxins.

In fact, the purpose of the vitrified enamel finish that we offer is precisely to prevent the transfer of rust to our food by creating a protective layer between both elements. It is a non-porous protective layer that also provides good heat conduction, fast cleaning and great non-stick capacity. In this material you can cook all kinds of recipes, preserving all the aromas and nutritional values of the food.

In our blog, we detail how in Hearthstone Cookware we work the glazed enamel in each of our products, both from the series Diamond Y Pearl.