El diseño vanguardista de las cocottes y sartenes Diamond

The avant-garde design of Diamond cocottes and pans

In Hearthstone Cookware we have the ranges Pearl Y Diamond. The latter has an avant-garde design of cocottes and pans inspired by the decorative drawings of Spanish ceramic tiles.

A geometric texture wraps each product in the series Diamond, enhanced by the vitrified enamel finish. We have a range of bright colors or a discreet satin black.

The designs of these cocottes are thought out down to the last detail since their wide and robust handles facilitate safe handling of the product. It also incorporates both the cocottes and the pans, a hollow stainless steel handle, which is kept at a lower temperature during cooking on the countertop.

in range Diamond its interior in satin black enamel is common. This feature makes it perfect for browning food, very durable, washable and resistant to fading.

Another of the most revolutionary details of the series Diamond it is at the condensate distribution points located inside the lid. It favors the watering of food with its own juice, which gives it an exceptional result full of flavour.

The pans and cocottes Diamond They have an enameled base suitable for any heating surface and, also, for use in the oven at temperatures of up to 400º C.