Comer más sano sin cambiar el menú

Eat healthier without changing the menu

Why cook healthy this Christmas?

Yes, you can cook in a healthier way and not have to change the menu this Christmas. It is well known that we are in times of excesses when it comes to lunch and dinner, and of course, this is always accompanied by later regret.

Even so, it does not hurt to remember that it is not necessary to include the green color in our dishes to make them healthy, and it is not necessary to eliminate all the gastronomic whims that we usually have on our tables.


Does it really affect the material we use?

 We want to show that, with the right utensils, and a little knowledge on how to get the most out of them, we can cook the usual dishes, even increasing their flavor. And, in addition, using less oils, salts, flavorings or the like in its preparation.

Thanks to materials that make better use of heat, or technologies that help to take advantage of the steam that is produced when cooking a certain dish to emphasize its smells and flavor, we can avoid large amounts of fat and supplements that are always an extra. The time has come to prepare more natural dishes, less fatty and with a traditional flavor.


Hmmm… And where to start?

Since Hearthstone Cookware we rely on the contributions of cast iron, technology Helix Dripless Lid of our utensils and a design that accompanies the flavor of your dishes with aesthetics to match.

Christmas is a tradition in our environment, as are family gatherings around a table on these dates. All that remains is to cook our most traditional dishes in the most traditional way possible, and thanks to our knowledge in the manufacturing, treatment and coating processes of iron, we have managed to create a range of products that will help you in the kitchen for a long, long time.