Cocottes y skillets para toda la vida

Cocottes and skillets for life

The pressure cooker and the frenetic pace of our day to day were about to put an end to the cast iron pots and pans lifelong.

But there are many reasons to understand that, sooner rather than later, Lovers of good cuisine would recover an essential utensil in the preparation of the delicious dishes of our grandmothers.

The casseroles and skillets they are an excellent tool if we are concerned healthy cooking, taking care of the elements that make up each dish and maximizing the flavor of its ingredients.

We tell you about the main advantages and characteristics of our cast iron pots and pans to encourage you to try them. In your kitchen there will be a before and after :-)


The return to the essential is a trend that is here to stay and not only when choosing ingredients and raw materials. Also in how we cook them for enjoy the maximum flavor again, without artifice, with authenticity, and in the most efficient and sustainable way possible for our health and that of the planet.

At Hearthstone we bet on the old time kitchen, made without haste and designed to obtain high nutritional value dishes, as well as rich and tasty. 


Thanks to the fact that we have the deep master foundry experience of the stoves, fireplaces and wood stoves in cast iron of our mother house, the Hergom Group, we can also develop lifelong products for your kitchen. With a contemporary and bold touch, all our collections have lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects, provided that the use of the product has been carried out in accordance with the instructions for use provided. 


The vitrified enamel finish that protects all our products is also made in our own enamel, a ceramic coating that adheres to cast iron at high temperatures and provides a non-porous protection for cast iron.

Furthermore, enamel is a great conductor of heat, washes easily, does not rust and acts as protective barrier between iron and food: avoids the transfer of any metallic taste to the food, and in turn of the odors or flavors of the food to the cocotte.


Paying homage to traditional cuisine does not mean remaining anchored in the past. That's why we constantly innovate and we collaborate with great chefs and designers so that our cast iron pots and pans are always at the forefront the needs of the most avant-garde gastronomy.

In addition to working perfectly in any kitchen surface, be it induction, ceramic hob, gas or electric stove, wood fire and ovens (except microwave), the inside of the lids is covered by condensate distribution points that drip on the food, watering it with its own juice for perfect cooking, full of flavor.


Cast iron spreads a homogeneous heat. Even on low heat, the temperature is distributed evenly throughout the pan and the ingredients are cooked to perfection. The high-quality cast iron of Hearthstone cookware brings a perfect transmission of heat on the surface, enhancing the sugars, aromas and juices of the food.


No matter what cooktop you use, cast iron pots and pans are designed to cook over low heat, with long cooking times, considerably reducing your energy consumption. To the flavor that we achieve, we must add the great advantage that this saving means for the family economy, but also for the health of the planet.

If you haven't done it yet, go ahead and discover the benefits of cast iron cooking with our Hearthstone Cookware and start enjoying the flavor and quality that only time and love can give to your dishes.