Ventajas de cocinar en una cocotte de hierro fundido HearthStone Cookware

Advantages of Cooking in a Cast Iron Cocotte HearthStone Cookware

The versatility of cast iron cocottes, pots and pans HearthStone Cookware makes them an essential part of any kitchen. But What are the advantages of cooking in one of our cast iron cocottes?

Our cocottes and pans They can be used on any hob (gas, electric, induction...) or inside the oven. The heat retention capacity of cast iron provides ingredients with constant, radiant heat in all directions.

When a cast iron cocotte gets hot, stays hot for a long period of time. This saves energy when cooking and food stays warm until serving time.

The weight of the iron lids also has its reason, since they ensure the closure of the container. Thanks to this, the loss of liquid by evaporation is avoided. The steam generated remains inside the pan, bathing the preparation in the perfect moist heat for a tender and flavorful result.

Other materials, such as steel, copper or aluminum, are also great conductors of heat. These materials are very effective for stir-frying or recipes where the goal is to heat food quickly and to a very high temperature for a very short period of time. But when it comes to slow cooking at a lower temperature, cast iron is the material of choice.

This does not mean cocottes and iron pans are not suitable for frying. Iron supports very high temperatures, making it perfect for frying. But when it comes to making soups, stews or casseroles, processes that require a firm seal on the pan and a very gentle heat, the cast iron in HearthStone Cookware pans takes cooking to another level.

Is it worth buying a cocotte iron pot?

In our cocottes, soups, stews and casseroles are cooked for long periods of time at low temperatures. This favors the mixture of the flavors of its ingredients or allows you to braise large pieces of meat. This type of cooking is also ideal for softening vegetables, softening their flavor and enhancing their sugars.

One of the great advantages of our cast iron pans is its versatility. For example, cast iron allows you to heat the cocotte on the countertop and brown the food directly on it, then add the broths and other ingredients, cover it with the lid, lower the heat and continue to braise at a low temperature. All in the same container.

In the same way, it can be placed in the oven, so that the surrounding heat cooks food from all directions, not just from below. In this way the food cooks evenly and avoids burning the bottom or food sticking.

Need to discover more advantages of cooking with Hearthstone Cookware cast iron skillets and cocottes?

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