¿Sabías qué? Así puedes cuidar de tu Hearthstone Cookware

Did you know? So you can take care of your Hearthstone Cookware


each of our cocottes and pans They are unique, which is why we recommend taking care of your Hearthstone Cookware with great care.

Do you want to know how we take care of them? We share with you some tips:

  1. To protect the enameled surface we recommend the use of wooden or heat-resistant plastic utensils.
    1. Of using metal utensils, it is recommended to do With precaution and avoiding scratching the enameled surface so as not to damage it.
    2. Do not knock utensils against the edge from the casserole
    3. Avoid the use of blenders or other electrical utensils inside your Hearthstone Cookware.
    4. not cut food with knives or other metal utensils inside the pot.
    5. don't drop your Hearthstone Cookware, it may damage or deteriorate the surface or object it strikes.
    6. Regularly check the adjustment of the lid handle. If the handle is loose, secure its hold to prevent any possibility of the lid coming off.
    7. It is important save our Hearthstone Cookware in a Dry place and, when we do, place the lids with the shooter up.
    8. Avoid fitting some pieces inside others to avoid possible damage to the enamel.