Cookie recipe in Diamond shallow cocotte by @boralopezz

The instagramer and foodie, @borjalopezz brings a sweet touch to our blog with the preparation of a delicious XXL cookie in our Diamond shallow cocotte. Nothing more than a huge 28cm biscuit to surprise family and friends.

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Recipe for Roast Beef in cocotte by @foodtropia

The influencer Paola Freire has become a great fan of the Hearthstone Cookware products and this time, she is surprising us with a delicious recipe for Roast Beef in cocotte with its gravy and potatoes and carrots on her instagram channel @foodropia. A dish which, the influencer herself warns us, needs great care to obtain the perfect cooking of the meat. Cook this dish with her that will be the star of your holiday meals.

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Recipe for Cinnamon Rolls in your 24 cm Diamond frying pan

We love sweets and even more so if they are prepared in one of Hearthstone Cookware's cocottes or frying pans. Let's travel to the United States to make a version of the delicious recipe by Dulces Felicidades of the traditional Cinnamon Rolls.

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Recipe for seafood and smoked monkfish rice in a Diamond frying pay by Cenador de Amós

At Hearthstone Cookware, we have the honour of presenting you with a dish made by one of the top award-winning chefs of Cantabria. The chef from El Cenador de Amós, Jesús Sánchez, has prepared a delicious seafood and smoked monkfish rise dish in our 24 cm Diamond frying pan. It is a complicated recipe, in which the master chef demonstrates his well-deserved three Michelin Stars. Without any doubt, it is incredible that we have been able to enter the restaurant's kitchen and that we can explain to you, step by step, how to make this 'arroz a banda'.

Recipe for chicken in creamy parmesan and spinach sauce cooked in your Diamond shallow cocotte

Cooking can become a great journey which, this time, takes us to Italy. At Hearthstone Cookware we wanted to make a version of the recipe by Directo al Paladar, for Chicken in creamy parmesan and spinach sauce. A dish we have prepared in our Diamond shallow cocotte with a delicious result.

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Recipe for Pumpkin Pie baked in your Diamond shallow cocotte

In these terrifying days, who hasn't bought a pumpkin. Without any doubt, it is the star of Halloween decorations because by emptying them, we can create monstrous lamps that impress everyone. But what will definitely impress everyone is a delicious Pumpkin Pie that you can bake in your Hearthstone Cookware Diamond shallow cocotte, as they are suitable for all heat surfaces, including ovens.

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Recipe for Chicken Tikka with homemade curry cooked in your Diamond shallow cocotte by @CristinaFerrer

The influencer @CristinaFerrer has become a real fan of Hearthstone Cookware cast iron pans and frying pans. Today she is surprising us with a new recipe prepared in our Diamond shallow cocotte. She takes us on a journey to India to delight us with an exquisite Chicken Tikka with homemade curry, which you can prepare at home. Internationally, Chicken Tikka is one of the most popular recipes from Indian cooking. It consists of boned chicken bathed in a delicious curry sauce. The combination of spices and the perfect cooking of the chicken make it unique and give it an irresistible flavour.

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Recipe for Shepherds Pie in your Diamond shallow cocotte

We are in the middle of autumn, the streets are tinted with shades of ocre and everything smells of damp earth. We are leaving the beach behind, to enjoy the countryside and its delicious flavours, such as this Shepherds Pie that we can prepare in our Diamond shallow cocotte.

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Recipe for Creamy black rice with small squid cooked in your cast iron Diamond frying pan by @Foodtropia

Through her channel @Foodtropia, the influencer Paola Freire surprises us with a recipe for creamy black rice with small squid prepared in our Diamond Series cast iron frying pan. A seafood orientated recipe with a pleasant texture and a delicious, intense sea flavour, perfect for summertime lunches and dinners. Thanks to the preparation in our cast iron frying pan you will see how the result is delicious, as the rice is cooked uniformly and will be cooked to perfection when you serve it. This recipe has a medium level of difficulty.

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Recipe for Irish stew with stout in your Pearl cocotte

We have travelled to Ireland to bring you one of its most authentic dishes. We are preparing its traditional stew with stout in our Pearl cocotte, with a spectacular result. We will cook it slowly on the hob, although we can also use the traditional method of cooking it in the oven. This recipe has a medium level of difficulty and it will take you 2 hours to make.

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