Top chefs choose Pearl cocottes and frying pans

The 20th of October is an important day on the calendar because it is International Chefs Day. A celebration where we reveal which are the best selling cocottes and frying pans amongst professionals. Without any doubt, they choose cocottes and frying pans from Hearthstone Cookware's Pearl Series, as they are expressly designed for everyday cooking.

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Revolutionary Helix dripless system

The Hearthstone Cookware Pearl Series brings you the most revolutionary cooking technology as it incorporates the patented Helix Dripless Lid. It is an anti-drip opening that changes forever the gesture of leaving a pan half open. With a simple turn on itself, the lid is semi-open, thus allowing part of the cooking steam to escape.

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At Hearthstone Cookware each piece is unique

Discover how we create our exclusive cocottes and frying pans with our manufacturing system.   At Hearthstone Cookware each piece is unique. In fact, each piece of cast iron is manufactured in an individual sand mould and then, we finish the product with a series of manual processes such as, for example, the enamelling. This is the reason for the slight variations between two products with the same characteristics and it is exactly this uniqueness that gives Hearthstone Cookware its personality. Each of our pieces is exclusive and manufactured using the highest quality standards that guarantee top safety and that are toxic-free. In fact, the finish that we offer in glazed enamel is precisely aimed at preventing the transfer of rust to our food, creating a protective coating between the two elements. It is a non-porous protective layer which, also gives the product good heat conduction, quick cleaning and an important non-stick capacity. All kinds of recipes may be cooked in this material, maintaining all the aromas and nutritional values of the food. In our blog, we detail how in Hearthstone Cookware we work the vitrified enamel in each of our products, both from the Diamond and Pearl series.

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Why do we enamel our cocottes?

At Hearthstone Cookware we have already mentioned that each piece is unique. But, do you know why we believe that enamelled cocottes are the best? All the cast iron cocottes, pans and frying pans must have a protective finish to prevent rusting and the deterioration that the liquids and acids cause to the surface of the cast iron. Many cast iron pans and frying pans on the market are finished with an oil curing treatment, which prevents rust and works as a non-stick coating. This treatment must be carried out after each use and rust will appear if it is not done. This means that the cocottes and frying pans that depend on this treatment need constant care by users. The advantages of enamelled cast iron At Hearthstone Cookware, we are committed to the glazed enamel finish: a ceramic layer attached to the cast iron at high temperature. This creates a non-porous protective layer that protects the iron of the cocotte or frying pan. This provides important advantages regarding quality, convenience and an attractive appearance: the enamel is a great heat conductor; it is easily washed and it does not rust. It acts as a protective barrier between the iron and the food: it prevents the transfer of any metallic taste to the food and also, of the smells and flavours of the food to the cocotte. All types of recipes may be cooked in it, retaining all the aromas and nutritional values of the food. Additionally, enamel is available in a variety of colors, to give the pots an attractive exterior aesthetic. Inside, HearthStone Cookware cocottes use a black satin enamel, non-stick, resistant, and that offers excellent performance as a cooking surface. Safe and toxic-free Each of our pieces is exclusive and manufactured using the highest quality standards. The ceramic enamel applied to our range of iron cocottes and frying pans meets the strict regulations for this type of coating. At Hearthstone Cookware we apply the European Directives 10/2011/EC and 85/500/EC, confirming that no migrations of metals to the cooked product occur. We also carry out sensorial trials of the food cooked in our cocottes and frying pans. All these trials are carried out in independent, certified laboratories in Germany and France. We do not use chemical products to create a non-stick surface. The enamel, along with the oil used in cooking, stops the food from sticking. If you want to use a cast iron piece with ceramic enamel for cooking, we have the best solution. We invite you to discover our 2 ranges: Diamond and Pearl.

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