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Molten iron

Lids with Helix Dripless Lid closures

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  • Serie Pearl

  • Serie Diamond

The Pearl series products are robust and functional, enameled in satin black and with a touch of color on the lid. The Helix® drip-free opening system allows you to partially open the cocotte or frying pan with a simple twist of the lid, without dripping onto the worktop.


With their characteristic faceted texture, the Diamond series products present a distinctive, original and daring finish. The usual cocotte with a special, unique touch.

Serie Pearl
Serie Diamond

Rediscover traditional cuisine

Today the kitchen returns to the most basic:natural ingredients from which we want to get the most out of, without artifice, with authenticity. The heat releases the sugars, aromas and juices present in the food, turning it into true delicacies that excite, unite and satisfy. That's why heat is so important, and why Hearthstone Cookware cast iron pots and pans take your cooking to the next level.


Discover the essence of our cocottes and pans

Handcrafted in cast iron, the perfect conductor of heat for cooking.

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